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Introducing Chip Shop Curry Sauce flavour

16 Jan 2017

McCoy’s has spiced up its successful Chips range with the addition of Chip Shop Curry Sauce flavour.

Curry Sauce joins Sea Salted and Salt & Vinegar flavours, which are already becoming a favourite for younger shoppers. Arriving on shelf in February, the crMcCoy's Chips Curry Sauce flavourinkled chips with classic McCoy’s Ridges will be available for £1 for a 70g pack, as well as sharing bags and multipack formats to suit a range of snacking occasions from lunchtime snacks to nights in.

Andy Riddle, Branded Sales Director at KP Snacks, comments: “It’s great to be adding another popular chip shop staple flavour to our existing range, which has already been extremely well received by both retailers and consumers.  In the UK, there are over 27 million visits to chip shops every month. Recognising this trend, we are delighted to deliver those favourite flavours which consumers crave. 

“Our introduction of McCoy’s Chip Shop Curry Sauce adds further variety to a range that tastes fantastic and is flying off the shelves.”

2016 was a hugely successful year for McCoy’s, its new ‘When Flavour Calls’ marketing campaign; a flavour and quality reformulation across the brand; revitalised packaging and £4.5m media investment.

“McCoy’s will be one to watch in 2017 as we continue our momentum with another jam-packed year of exciting promotions and campaigns,” adds Andy Riddle.