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McCoy's Chips on TV

27 Apr 2017

McCoy’s is bursting back on to TV screens with a bold new adaptation of its ‘When Flavour Calls’ creative.   Starting this week (27 April) and running through May, the humorous ad positions McCoy’s Chips as ‘the lovechild of the chip and crisp’, highlighting its unique offering and reinforcing the brand’s taste credentials. 

Supported by a £2million investment, the new advert aims to drive further awareness and sales of the McCoy’s Chips range. Launched in 2016, the impactful ‘When Flavour Calls’ campaign resonated with consumers, delivering phenomenal results for both the brand and the Crisps and Snacks category, with McCoy’s immediately seeing a 29% sales uplift in the media campaign period.

Marketing Director at KP Snacks, Jeff Swan, says: “Our When Flavour Calls campaign has proven so successful in the past, that it’s a no-brainer to go back on TV with another burst. This time, we’re appealing to the 27million Brits that visit chip shops every month with a brand new ad set at the seaside.”

McCoy’s value +14.7% and +11.6% volume including 12 periods of consecutive growth make it the fastest growing scale brand in the Bagged Snacks category.

McCoy’s Chips come in 125g sharing packs (RRP £1.50), 70g £1 PMPs and in multipacks of six 25g packs. It is available in three intense flatvours; Sea Salt, Salt & Vinegar and Chip Shop Curry Sauce. 

View the new McCoy's Chips advertisement here

McCoy's Chips new TV advertisement