Good for consumers

Good for consumers

We take the nation's health seriously so we're constantly working to improve the nutritional value of our products.


Snacks are treats and should be regarded as such. Our aim is to make sure that, whichever KP product people choose, it will have been responsibly produced and marketed as well as tasting great.

KP Snacks has an active programme to reduce sodium and remove artificial flavourings, flavour enhancers and sweeteners from our products. Our products have been free from artificial colours for some time. All our new snacks are designed to meet internal salt targets, which are based on recommended guidelines and we're also working hard to make sure that our longstanding heritage brands are as healthy as possible.

So far, our products are100% free from artificial colours, 98% free from artificial sweeteners, 92% free from added flavour enhancers (including MSG) and 83% free from artificial flavours.

Since 2005 we have reduced the salt in Wheat Crunchies by 55%, in Discos by 47%, in Hula Hoops by 42% and in our core McCoy’s by 25%.


Recommended Daily Intake panel

Clear information

We always comply with current legislation and work closely with industry bodies to respond to changing trends in diet, activity and nutrition.

KP Snacks actively contributes information and resources to support public health campaigns and we endorse the Chief Medical Officer's Guidelines on Physical Activity.

And finally, all our packaging is entirely clear on the nutritional profile of the product inside. After all, we believe that – with the right information - everyone should be able to enjoy our products as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

For more information, please see the Intersnack Group website.

 Ongoing improvement

Ongoing improvement

Our aim is to produce great quality, great tasting products that people can enjoy responsibly as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle including regular exercise. We offer a wide choice and clear labelling - so that everyone can find something that suits their needs. We also pursue new product development with an active focus on nutritional improvement, particularly with regard to reducing saturated fat and salt across our ranges.

POM-BEAR is a great example of ongoing improvement.  A number of careful reformulations over the past five have successfully maintained the brand’s much-loved flavour.  We reduced salt by 25% in 2006 – which meant that even back then POM-BEAR met the FSA’s 2012 salt reduction target. Switching to High Oleic sunflower oil has also reduced saturated fat by 50%. Today, each individual 19g pack of POM-BEAR has fewer than 100 calories.

Saturated fat

So far, we have achieved a total fat reduction of around 80% each on a number of our core brands, including McCoy’s, Hula Hoops, Wheat Crunchies, Nik Naks, Skips, Space Raiders, Frisps and Roysters. We do not use hydrogenated vegetable oils.and all our fried snacks (including nuts) are made using 100% sunflower oil. 


We have also invested heavily in salt reduction, with McCoy's crisps seeing a salt reduction of 25%, Wheat Crunchies down 55%, Discos 47%, Skips 40% and Hula Hoops 36% since 2005.*

* Reductions are quoted based on salt equivalent figures.