Good for communities

Good for communities

We support local communities in the UK and we push all our suppliers to take responsibility for their impacts at home and abroad.

Supporting our communities

From fundraising to getting involved in local activities, KP colleagues are doing good. Our sites support a range of charities – chosen by local Works Councils or event teams and carry out a range of fundraising events each year

At a corporate level, KP Snacks is a Silver Supporter of Grocery Aid, our industry's benevolence charity. We are involved throughout the year in fundraising and formal events.

Our Hula Hoops site in Ashby has a long-standing relationship with Ashby School and our McCoy’s factory in Teesside works with Stockton Riverside College and Bede College, helping to develop pupils’ skills in a number of areas
Plus we run our award-winning 'Living Leadership' programme each year, which also supports charity initiatives local to our sites.

Promoting our industry as a career destination of choice

We are advocates of the food engineering degree offered by Sheffield Hallam University and each year support the IGD Feeding Britain's Future programme

We have three ‘Tasty Careers Ambassadors' who carry out recruitment events.  Each year, we also hold week-long workshops at our sites, to introduce young unemployed people to the food industry and help them with career development advice.  Some of them have even been able to take up jobs with KP as a result.

Plus, we're a signatory to the Cabinet Office's 'Your Life' pledge, encouraging women and girls to study or work in science, technology, engineering or maths.


Ethical sourcing


Ethical Trading Initiative

Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil           




Committed to ethical sourcing

We want to be sure that we source from suppliers who support communities and the environment too.  For example, we're a member of the Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil and use only certified sustainable palm oil.  We apply the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) risk assessment tool and the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) code of conduct to audit our suppliers 

Buying into the future for nuts

Our parent company, Intersnack, is the biggest buyer of nuts in the world.  So, by using Ingredients For Good as our foundation, we’ve a great opportunity to lead the way in sustainable nut sourcing.

Because we connect directly with the people who grow nuts right through to the people who enjoy them, we have a responsibility to both.

We work around the world with suppliers to help them grow their nuts and their businesses.

At home, we work with retailers and our market to deliver the quality products people demand - at good value and with great values.

Bolivian Peanut Project

Bolivian Peanut Project

Native Bolivian peanut varieties make for great tasting peanuts, so we’re working with our local partners to help keep them on the menu.  We support several thousand indigenous farmers in the Andean valleys in cultivating traditional peanut varieties, to improve the lives of them and their families for the long term.

Our aims are to:

  • help around 4,500 farmers in 15 communities to permanently improve their lives

  • share knowledge of modern farming techniques and Invest directly in the technology needed to successfully grow the peanuts

  • safeguard local peanut varieties for the future

  • maximise yield and incomes

African Cashew Project

African Cashew Project

We’ve set out to support cashew farmers in Africa, to help them improve their incomes and create new jobs in nut processing.  Together with our partners, we’re focusing on improving efficiency, quantity and quality at the same time. Because we buy directly and connect the people who grow nuts with the people who enjoy them, we’re well placed to improve linkages all the way along the value chain and promote African cashews.

This project supports cashew production in the countries of  Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana and Mozambique. 

Our partners include the world-famous Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and development, USAID and other partners from the international private sector.


Career Ready Masterclass

Career Ready Masterclass

Our Teesside team recently delivered another successful masterclass for students from the Logistics Acadamy at Stockton Riverside College.

This is part of an ongoing partnership between KP Teesside which includes industry visits, masterclasses, mentoring and internships.

For this latest event, a team of students with their tutors attended our Teesside site for a day's workshop, which included interview skills and role play to help equip the students for their journeys into working life.