As health is a key driver for many of our consumers,

we’re committed to offering more permissible snacking opportunities and also to communicating openly with people about the snacks they’re buying. See below our pledges in this area. By 2025 we commit to:

Reduce salt by a further −5% across our total range, by reformulating existing recipes and introducing new lower salt products.

At least 60% of our range will be at 5g of sugar or less per 100g and we will reduce sugar in our popcorn range by −5%.

Continue to use vegetable oils which are lower in saturated fat, such as sunflower oil and rapeseed oil, in our factories. This willhelp us continue to ensure that over 75% of our product portfolio contains 4g or less of saturated fat per 100g.

Engage in the Public Health England calorie reduction programme and increase the number of products with 100 kcal or fewer per pack by +50%.

Innovate to increase positive nutrition recipes in our portfolio containing nuts, fruit, vegetables and / or wholegrain.

Continue to explore and invest in new technologies to bring permissible snacking offers to market.

Continue working on removing artificial colours, flavours, flavour enhancers and sweeteners from our products.


We are improving our pack communications to help consumers make informed choices. We began to add colour coding to Reference Intake icons on the front of our packs during 2018.

Responsible Marketing

We’re committed to marketing our products responsibly and we recognise that within our range there are products that appeal to and are consumed by children.

The UK food industry is stringently regulated with regards to advertising and marketing to children and KP Snacks fully complies with all current local codes of conduct. In addition we have our own guidelines for marketing all of our brands to ensure our business is fully compliant.