Health is important to all of us, so KP is committed to providing more ‘permissible’ snack products and communicating openly, to help people make informed decisions about the snacks they’re buying.

At the start of our Taste for Good journey we created a model to categorise our product range based on their nutritional profiles, ingredients and portion size. This helps us to drive our approach to reformulation, new product development and growing sales of our more permissible products in order to deliver on our pledges. We benchmarked our model versus external criteria and guidelines already in use in the UK, ensuring that we considered current public health initiatives, so our criteria is relevant for our market and addresses consumer and customer needs.

Our categories group products based on their calories per portion and their levels of fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt. We also consider the amount of positive nutrition ingredients they contain such as nuts, fruit, vegetables and/or wholegrains and the absence of artificial colours, flavours, flavour enhancers and sweeteners.

*All our pledges are vs a 2018 baseline

Increase the number of products with 100 kcal or fewer per pack by 50%

Reduce salt by a further 5% across our total range by changing existing recipes and introducing new lower salt products

*Sales weighted by volume

Continue to use lower saturated fat vegetable oils to ensure at least 75% of our products continue to contain 4g or less of saturated fat per 100g

*Sales weighted by volume

At least 60% of our products will continue to have 5g of sugar or less per 100g. We will also reduce sugar in our popcorn range by 5%

*Sales weighted by volume

Our ongoing commitments:

Positive nutrition

Creating new snack recipes that have a focus on nuts, fruit, vegetables and/or wholegrain

New technology

Exploring innovative ways to help KP bring more permissible snack ideas to the market

Remove artificials

Continue work to remove artificial flavours, flavour enhancers and sweeteners from our products


Ongoing improvement to pack communications, including the roll out of colour coding for Reference Intake icons on the front of our packs, to help our consumers make informed choices.

Responsible marketing

We will always market our products responsibly, recognising that our ranges include products that appeal to and are consumed by children.  KP Snacks will adhere in full to UK food industry regulation regarding advertising and marketing to children, as well as maintaining strict guidelines for each of our brands, to make sure we are fully compliant.