Our local communities are very important to us

– whether they are local to the sites we operate in, or the communities we work with as part of our ethical sourcing initiatives. We’re also really proud of our industry and work hard to promote it as a career destination of choice.

The tastiest potatoes for our crisps

We contract all our potatoes from a selected group of UK potato growers – all Red Tractor certified and technically approved by us for growing the best ‘crisping’ potatoes! We work closely with these growers on potato variety development, to select the very best varieties and constantly improve quality.

Ethical sourcing

We use the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) risk assessment tool and the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) code of conduct to audit our suppliers. We have reduced our palm oil usage significantly as a result of our saturated fat reduction work. Where palm oil is still used in our products it is certified sustainable by the Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

Our McCoy’s potato growers are engaged in a sustainability project that focuses on

  • Increasing crop yield
  • New and better ways of pest and disease control
  • Improved bio-diversity
  • Increasing levels of organic matter in the soil
  • Better use of precision farming methods
Rajkumar Cashew Company

Fair and sustainable nuts

Our parent company, Intersnack, is one of the biggest buyers of nuts in the world, working directly with producers, rather than buying on the global market. This gives us a great opportunity to lead the way in sustainable nut sourcing. Because we connect the people who grow nuts to the people who enjoy them, we have a responsibility to both.

We work with suppliers up and down the value chain to ensure superb product quality and fair deals for farmers, to help them grow both their nuts and their businesses.

We’re a strong supporter of GroceryAid, the grocery industry’s benevolence charity, and we get involved in a range of events each year to raise money for the charity, as well as promoting their Assistance Programme and other benefits to our colleagues.

In 2019 we were proud to be awarded a Gold award by GroceryAid, in recognition of the support we provide the charity in terms of volunteering, fundraising and awareness raising. Each of our sites also choose different charities to support each year, picking causes that are important to them.

Championing jobs in our industry

KP has supported the IGD’s Feeding Britain’s Future programme for a number of years. This brings the industry together to inspire the next generation and equip them with skills for work. As part of this, several KP colleagues have been into schools to talk about their experiences of working in the food industry; bringing to life the world of work; highlighting the skills required to succeed and showcasing the variety of roles available in the industry. Since 2015 Feeding Britain’s Future has successfully trained 25,000 students.

Helping our communities to learn about healthy lifestyles

KP has supported the British Nutrition Foundation’s ‘Healthy Eating Week’ since 2015. The programme educates nursery, school, college and university pupils plus workplaces about healthy eating and lifestyles, and reached over four million people last year.

Each of KP’s sites gets involved in Healthy Eating Week, with colleagues taking part in healthy eating and exercise challenges.