The UK’s No. 1 Ridge Cut Crisp

First launched in 1985, McCoy’s are thick, ridged crisps, renowned for their bold flavours

We produce over 1.8 million packs of McCoy’s every day; 1,500 packs are bought every minute and the brand is consumed by over 1/3 of UK households!

Choose from iconic McCoy’s Flame Grilled Steak or one of our range of fantastic full-on flavours including Salt & Malt Vinegar, Original Salted and Thai Sweet Chicken. Looking for a Mexican snack adventure? Say ¡Hola! to McCoy’s cousin, McCoy’s Muchos, our Mexican inspired crescent-shaped folded tortilla crisp, seasoned with authentic Mexican flavours. Meet the newest fiery member of the gang McCoy’s Fire Pit! Inspired by the rustic flavours of cooking meat over an open fire and created alongside top chefs to create the smoky, chargrilled flavours that come from this slow and delicate process. With three delicious ‘wood fired’ varieties; Flame Roasted Peri Peri, Flame Scorched BBQ Rib and Flame Smoked Chorizo, the new McCoy’s Fire Pit is forged from fire to ignite your desire!

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