The UK’s No. 1 Ridge Cut Crisp

First launched in 1985, McCoy’s are thick, ridged crisps, renowned for their bold flavours

We produce over 1.8 million packs of McCoy’s every day; 1,500 packs are bought every minute and the brand is consumed by over 1/3 of UK households!

Choose from iconic McCoy’s Flame Grilled Steak or one of our range of fantastic full-on flavours including Salt & Malt Vinegar, Original Salted, Paprika and Hot Mexican Chilli. And of course there are always our fabulous McCoy’s Chips – for an authentic chip-shop experience in a crisp. Looking for a Mexican snack adventure? Say ¡Hola! to the newest member of the family, McCoy’s Muchos, our Mexican inspired crescent-shaped folded tortilla crisp, seasoned with authentic Mexican flavours.

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