KP Snacks is committed to protecting both people and planet, for generations to come

Since 2018, our Taste for Good programme has achieved some impressive results: reformulating 100+ products to be better for you, cutting our packaging by 14%, working with farmers to cut emissions and improve the environment and inspiring over 20,000 people to get more active through cricket.

But we recognise that we need to go further. Real change is urgent, because the world cannot wait. The climate crisis is already here. The planet’s future, and the wellbeing of current and future generations depend upon all of us driving real change now.

That’s why we’re committing to tough new targets that will have a real impact on every aspect of KP Snacks’ business and require every single KP colleague to take action. And we’re setting some ambitious new, long-term People & Planet targets to achieve this, focused on four pillars: Consumer, Environment, Social and Employee.



“Our People & Planet goals are being embedded into all our key business decisions, functions and processes – making them an integral part of how KP Snacks does business, and with equal importance to other business targets in our decision making”

Mark Thorpe,

Sustainability Progress Report 2022

KP is part of the Intersnack Group which has released its 2022 Sustainability Progress Report. It details projects from across the group that are helping us build an ethical, sustainable food system to support better futures for everyone involved in our business.

Download a copy here.