Nuts for all occasions!

Nuts are naturally high in fibre and a good source of protein. We want people to be able to enjoy them any time and anywhere, so in 2022 we launched KP Snack Packs – convenient packs for snacking either at home or on the go. At 30g, each Snack Pack is under 200kcal.

Another 2022 launch was KP Nut-tastic – a plant-based powerhouse that’s bursting with natural goodness. With a combination of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals and available in a convenient under 200kcal snack pack or grazing bag – they’re the perfect size for snacking at home or on the go and for the first time ever you can try cashews and crunchy almonds from KP!

Contributing to targets

  • By 2030 we will grow the proportion of our products that are at least a source of protein or fibre at a faster rate than the rest of our portfolio.
  • 55% of our sales will come from products that are non-HFSS (or 100 kcals or less per pack) by 2030.