Partnerships to improve recycling

Snack bags can be a problem when it comes to recycling. They keep our snacks fresh and delicious, but the nature of the plastic & foil film means they cannot yet be recycled in normal domestic recycling since the recycling infrastructure for this material is not currently available at scale in the UK. This is an industry wide problem that we cannot solve alone. As signatories to the UK Plastics Pact and members of the Flexible Plastic Fund, we are collaborating with others across our industry to drive the investment and change we need to realise our ambitions.

Flexible Plastic Fund

In 2021, KP Snacks joined the Flexible Plastic Fund, a collaborative project to develop and stimulate the collection and recycling of flexible plastics at scale. As part of this, we have also invested in the Flex Collect trial. Launched May 2022 in partnership with a number of volunteer local authorities, this will run until 2025 and undertake a series of innovative pilots to understand how flexible plastic packaging can be collected at scale through existing household collection streams.

On Pack Recycling Label

To further incentivise the wider collection of consumer packaging, we are now part of the On-Pack Recycling Label programme (OPRL) which encourages people to recycle their snack packets in front of store collection schemes at large supermarkets nationwide. OPRL started to appear on the back of our packs at the end of 2022. You can find your nearest supermarket flexible plastic recycling locations to recycle your crisp packets using RecycleNow’s Locator tool.


Our Nuts, Popcorn, Crisps and Pretzels Packets recycling programme, in partnership with TerraCycle began in 2019. Visit the website to learn more.

Contributing to targets

  • Supporting the development of UK recycling infrastructure to ensure our plastic packaging can be effectively recycled.