Communities are important to us

KP Snacks has factories and offices in eight locations across the UK, each with its own diverse community. It is very important to us that we make a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate.

Good for Communities
Good for Communities

Championing jobs in our industry

We have worked with the IGD to support its employability programmes for a number of years, by attending career events or visiting schools to talk about jobs in our industry. During the pandemic, the IGD adapted this work to be fully online and its Work Experience Weeks have reached out successfully to many more students, and allowed more of our KP colleagues to give their time. The events offer invaluable careers help to students and those who attend are inspired by their experience and enjoy  interacting with our company.

Being a charity partner

We’re proud to have been a Gold Supporter of GroceryAid for the past three years. The charity provides wellbeing and financial help to everyone in the food industry, from factory to store. As well as supporting GroceryAid, we also ask our site colleagues to choose their own local causes.

Community volunteering

Whenever our colleagues give their time to do something to help their communities, there’s a real sense of pride and achievement. Each of our colleagues are offered a Community Hero Day – a paid day off each year which can be used to volunteer as an individual or go out in a team. Over the past year, some activities have been harder to do, but our colleagues have still managed to make a difference: supporting the IGD schools programme, gardening, picking litter and helping neighbours with outdoor tasks.

Celebrating our customers as Local Legends

The pandemic put pressure on many of our usual business customers, especially smaller convenience stores and pubs. Our ‘Local Legends’ campaigns delivered much needed help for local retailers whilst also raising awareness of our charity partner, GroceryAid, which helps grocery colleagues with emotional and financial support in times of need. We also ran an on-pack promotion on a million packs of Tyrrells and made a donation to the Licensed Trade Charity, which supports pubs, bars and brewery people.

£60,000 raised for the Licensed Trade Charity with our special fundraising packs of Tyrrells

Sharing our snacks

Donating our products has a triple benefit: it cuts food waste, supports those in need and strengthens our community relationships. In 2020 we shared more of our stock than ever, with donations to local hospitals and charities close to our factories as well as bulk shipments through our established partner FareShare, to the NHS and many other organisations including The Felix Project, Bread & Butter Thing and City Harvest.

Everyone In!

Physical activity is important for good health, but many people don’t move enough and KP is passionate about inspiring families to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, including exercise. So, in 2021 we partnered with The Hundred to raise awareness of cricket as a sport, and inspire families to get off the sofa and get outside to enjoy a fun version of family cricket together.

Going nuts for Movember…

In 2021 KP Nuts is immensely proud to be working with health charity Movember for the third year running to raise awareness of testicular cancer. We are also excited to have partnered with the Queen of Drag, The Vivienne, for our latest campaign, which reminds people to check their testicles regularly.  Check out our video!

KP Nuts partners with The Vivienne for our Movember campaign

A little extra love for babies and children

In 2020 year we started giving all new parents at KP a gift bundle whenever their new babies or adopted children arrive. Sourced by ‘From Babies with Love’ and made from sustainable materials, all the profits go to children’s charities supporting orphaned babies to grow up in loving family homes.