Further packaging reduction on three popular brands

We have started 2024 with a further investment in our packaging improvement programme that will create a significant reduction in the flow-wrap packaging used for three of our popular Everyday Value (EDV) brands: Discos, Roysters and Frisps.

A change to the flow wrapping process will facilitate a cut in the plastic packaging on 6 packs of these brands by 35%, equivalent to a further saving of 100 tonnes of packaging a year.   The new flow-wrap packs will start to appear in UK stores from February 2024.

Whilst not affecting pack contents, the minimisation of packaging volume across Roysters, Frisps and Discos 6-packs also means each pack takes less space, enabling more products to be transported at once.  We estimate this will translate to 620 fewer lorry journeys per year – also reducing greenhouse gas emissions from distribution.

The change is part of our continuing People & Planet commitment to use as little plastic packaging as possible.  Total changes since 2014 have so far removed 1,100 tonnes of plastic packaging from across our portfolio.  The majority of our brand multipacks have now moved to reduced packaging solutions, which as well as Discos, Roysters and Frisps also includes Hula Hoops, Skips,  McCoy’s, popchips, Tyrrells, Pom-Bear, Space Raiders and Nik Naks.

John Leslie, Packaging Technology Manager, KP Snacks, says: “Protecting the environment is one of the core pillars of our People and Planet programme, and we are committed to taking a responsible and proactive approach to safeguarding nature. We remain focused on reducing both our plastic packaging and carbon emissions in any way that we can.”

Contributing to targets

  • Using as little packaging as possible
  • Aim for 100% of what we do use to be recyclable
  • Working with the Flexible Plastics Fund to support investment in recycling infrastructure
  • Sourcing recycled content as it becomes commercially available