Using as little plastic packaging as possible

We are working tirelessly to reduce plastic packaging, both in distribution and by re-engineering our snack packs to cut the amount of plastic film they need.

We have already removed over 1,000t of plastic packaging since 2014, which is an overall reduction of 14% (or the equivalent of the weight of 85 double decker buses). Our approach also ensures that all our plastic packaging is fit for purpose and optimised to maintain product quality. This includes cutting plastic on Hula Hoops, McCoy’s, Popchips, Tyrrell’s, Pom-Bear, Space Raiders and Nik Naks.

Contributing to targets

  • Using as little plastic packaging as possible
  • Aim for 100% of what we do use to be recyclable
  • Working with the Flexible Plastics Fund to support investment in recycling infrastructure
  • Sourcing recycled content as it becomes commercially available