At KP, our people are our number one priority and having engaged, high performing colleagues is a key strategy driver for us.

We strive to provide our colleagues with an environment that is fun, rewarding and enables them to be the best they can be. By continuing to listen to, invest in and grow our people we believe our business will continue to be successful today and for generations to come.


Since 2015 we have completed the Best Companies employee engagement survey, which helps us understand the key areas of focus to ensure KP continues to be a great place to work. The majority of our colleagues give us their feedback each year, which gives us an accurate reflection of where we can really make a difference. We are delighted that through this initiative we have increased our colleagues’ engagement.

Mental Health Matters

We recognise that our colleagues’ mental health is as important as their physical wellbeing. We have over 100 trained mental health first aiders across the business and these are supported by our Employee Health and Wellbeing team. We will continue to train more people each year. We’re now working on increasing the visibility of our mental health first aiders across the business, using photo boards and overall patches to help people identify them.